portrait and wedding photographer

portrait and wedding photographer

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Freidels; family portraits

oh this family... where do I even begin? not only are they all models, but they are the kindest hearts you'll ever meet.
Amber has been the hugest encouragement to me this past year. from listening to me spill my heart, to her spilling hers back. from telling me her dreams, to hearing mine and cheering me on so so loudly. from casual potato soup and panini sandwich lunches at her house with sleepy babies to fancy birthday dinners on the 90-somethingth floor of the Hancock building downtown Chicago. from days where we're at our best to days where we're completely distracted. from needed texts and resale shopping and quiet afternoons and couples scrabble, I have so enjoyed getting to know her and her family better.
Amber mentioned a month or so back that she wanted to get a family Christmas picture taken, but as we looked at our calendars, we couldn't help being a little discouraged. between her husband having his crazy schedule working the ER and Christian being gone most weekends for hunting season (and we needed his help to carry their couch), we weren't sure if we could make something work.
but at the last minute, we found a Sunday where everyone was free and could fit in a photoshoot!
the day of the shoot, glory of glories it started snowing big, beautiful flakes that decorated the grass and pines until everything looked like a snowglobe world. how perfect, am I right?!
to start off the shoot, Amber and I went and scouted out a good location to set their beautiful couch, and I couldn't help snapping some portraits of my lovely friend...


once the little guys were dressed and ready, we began snapping away. Christian proved invaluable as he is super skilled at making little people (*cough* and even Jesse and Amber) smile. :D

Keaton was a *little* freaked out. :'D 

Jesse and Amber & co, thank you for being a huge blessing to so many people. I pray that you are blessed beyond measure in return. <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kelle & Michael; engagement

these two. they go together like Sherlock and Watson, Gilbert & Anne, Darcy & Elizabeth, Tinker Bell & Pan. it's true that on their own, they are already amazing. but together... somehow they are even better.
the farmer & the girl who waited are a story in the making.
I've known Kelle for several years now, and if someone asked me to describe her, I would say "well her last name is Merry and she couldn't fit the part any better!" she is always laughing or grinning. and it's completely captivating. her joy spills all over and touches everyone she is around.
but her last name isn't going to be Merry for much longer. in less than two months, on a (hopefully!) snowy winter Saturday, her and Michael will become one.
when I first met Michael I could see that he was the one for Kelle. he's the strong, quiet leader type that balances Kelle perfectly. (I know from experience. Christian totally balances me. :D) I approved (not that it mattered :'D), but I had one question... what was his last name? can anything be as fitting for Kelle as Merry?
why yes. it could. because come January, she will be Mrs. Bliss. how perfect is that!?!
Christian and I met up with them in Saint Charles a few chilly Sunday afternoons back. we trekked around town and into Geneva, finding the perfect backdrops and retracing some of their special moments and places. afterwards we sat outside, drinking warm coffee and tea, listening to hymns from a sidewalk band, and telling our stories as couples.
both of our stories are a testimony of God's grace and mercy. both of our stories aren't perfect in the sense that they aren't exactly how *we* would have told them. but both of our stories are perfect in the sense that they are exactly how the Author of creation told them. they are filled with waiting periods and uncertainty. they are filled with trusting and hoping and finding peace and growing and failing and growing some more. they are filled with God saying yes and giving us unspeakable happiness.
Kelle & Michael, you two are a story that keeps getting better, and I'm so glad I get to be a small part of it. God is and will keep doing great things through you both. <3