portrait and wedding photographer

portrait and wedding photographer

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Michael & Stephanie; baby gender reveal

"and all I know is we said 'hello' and everything has changed..."
after Stephanie took my senior pictures a few years back, we went out to eat and chatted about boys. two boys in particular. one whom she had just found out was interested in her. one whom I had just found out was interested in me.
she told me how Michael had asked to get together with her sometime, and how she had assumed that this whole get together was just an "as friends" thing. so when she showed up to the restaurant and he started talking about his feelings for her and his goals for their relationship, she suddenly realized... this was a date!
we giggled excitedly in Chipotle as she told me everything that had happened, and then she told me in a half giddy/half anxious voice that she was going to the same conference he was sometime soon and she wasn't sure if she should sit with him and his family or not. I mean... would it be awkward?
"don't worry!" I said, "I'll rescue you if you need me to!"
and then I told her about this guy who had surprised me to death by telling me that he not only liked me, but that he loved me. my very own best friend whom I hadn't ever dreamed would love me! but would it all work out? I didn't know.
a few years later, we found ourselves in Lincoln Marsh.
me fiddling with my camera. Stephanie walking beside me.
that guy I had told her about helping me scout for good lighting, carrying bags, offering helpful opinions.
that guy she had told me about helping her along in any way he could.

both of them our husbands.
a few years can change a lot. and this day... oh this day. this day was the day Michael and Stephanie found out whether they were having a boy or a girl.
this day was the day I got to photograph the cutest reveal ever.
while Christian diligently hung lanterns of BOTH blue and pink, we took a few "about to find out what baby is" pictures...
then blindfolds went on...
and Christian cut all the pink lanterns and helped Michael dip his hands in paint... blue paint... (!)
and then their blindfolds were taken off... ONE, TWO...


there was a lot of happy kissing. which is perfectly acceptable.
they had prepared two different canvases. one with an "it's a boy" marked out in tape. one with an "it's a girl". but obviously by this point, we knew we just needed the "it's a boy" one. so the two of them got to work painting it.




Michael & Stephanie, I can't wait to meet your little one!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Caleb; portraits

this kid. he's one of my very best friends. and he also happens to be my brother. (brother-"in-law" technically. but we decided we're so past that.)
he's the one who leant me his camera so many months ago and has so generously and graciously continued to let me use it.
he's the one who can tell if I'm having a rough day and will take me for cinnamon rolls and buy me early birthday presents.
he's the one who has an impeccable taste in fashion and hair that "defies gravity". ;D
he's been my little (taller-than-me) brother for so many years (basically since birth.) and through them we've just grown closer and closer. we talk about real things. good things. deep things. and then we turn around and talk about the dumbest things in the world that make us laugh til we cry. he's seen me in my absolute worst moods and still likes me and I've seen him in his and still like him. ^.^ I can always count on him to be there for me, and he can always count on me. someday, he's going to make an awesome uncle for Christian & my kids. and someday, I plan to be his kids favorite aunt. :D
so drumroll please! here's Caleb the magnificent.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lauren; portraits

I'm kind of weird when it comes to learning. I have to pick something up and just go for it. Youtube videos? I can't learn a thing from them. instruction manuals? they intimidate me. other photographers? well, yes. I can learn from them. but I don't always have one of my photographer friends handy.
when it came to taking pictures, I took my sister and what little knowledge I had about cameras and started experimenting. I was slow. I couldn't get the shots I wanted. I said things like "hang on, let me just try pressing this button" or "I just can't get this lighting right!" or "you stupid-head! no, not you Lauren, the camera." 
and she would stand there posing patiently, making me laugh, cheering me on. plus she always looks drop-dead-gorgeous, so that made even my worst shots look amazing.
she was and has been such a huge cheerleader to me.
and I realize not all sisters have the relationship that we do.
it's not at all perfect. but the thing is, even when we fight or disagree, we have to go back to being best friends. not just because we're sisters. not just because we know each other's secrets. ;) but because she understands me and I understand her better than we understand ourselves. because on my worst day, she can make me laugh til I cry. because when she's doing things like training at the fire-station or learning ballet or going to a trapeze class or working as a lifeguard or preparing to be a paramedic, I will gladly stand there with my jaw on the floor in pure amazement of her.
Lauren, you have a strong heart, but one that is also filled with compassion. one minute you can be demonstrating some "kick-butt" move you learned in self-defense class. the next you will be running out into the street and down the block to help some lost dog.
you have a way of reaching out to the friendless, and even though you could be the most popular person in the world, you choose not to hang out with the snobby crowd. I see the way you make everyone feel comfortable. how you don't suck up to people just to fit in. how everyone is drawn to you because you will accept and befriend them all. you have a gift when it comes to people and standing up for what's right. don't stop using that for His glory.
I love you!