portrait and wedding photographer

portrait and wedding photographer

Monday, October 13, 2014

Caleb; portraits

this kid. he's one of my very best friends. and he also happens to be my brother. (brother-"in-law" technically. but we decided we're so past that.)
he's the one who leant me his camera so many months ago and has so generously and graciously continued to let me use it.
he's the one who can tell if I'm having a rough day and will take me for cinnamon rolls and buy me early birthday presents.
he's the one who has an impeccable taste in fashion and hair that "defies gravity". ;D
he's been my little (taller-than-me) brother for so many years (basically since birth.) and through them we've just grown closer and closer. we talk about real things. good things. deep things. and then we turn around and talk about the dumbest things in the world that make us laugh til we cry. he's seen me in my absolute worst moods and still likes me and I've seen him in his and still like him. ^.^ I can always count on him to be there for me, and he can always count on me. someday, he's going to make an awesome uncle for Christian & my kids. and someday, I plan to be his kids favorite aunt. :D
so drumroll please! here's Caleb the magnificent.

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