portrait and wedding photographer

portrait and wedding photographer

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Michael & Kelle; Bliss Wedding

"I've been preachin' bout back home,
How it can make you feel so alive.
Tell you what we can do...
Baby, let's me and you take a little drive..."
(Welcome to the Farm)
On a cold, January day, a friend of mine took a drive that would change her from a Merry to a Bliss, from a Miss to a Mrs., from a suburban living girl to a country boy's wife.
As we followed Michael's dusty, red pick-up truck throughout the course of the wedding day, I couldn't help but feel that "their song" (Welcome to the Farm) couldn't be more fitting. Kelle and Michael have country kindness in their bones, a deepness to them that thrives under wide open skies, and a joy that is like a breath of fresh air blowing across the fields. The two of them together is refreshing, and the support they give each other is endearing.
Michael & Kelle, I was so grateful to be a part of your beautiful day.
The morning started in Kelle's bedroom getting ready, and my goodness, she was a beautiful bride!

Amber did a fabulous job with Kelle's hair!

Sisters are the best.


 Her flowers were glorious!

one word: lace.

I love the relationship between Mr. Merry & Kelle. All day, he was right near her, ready to hug her. Some of my favorite pictures of the whole day, were ones of the two of them.

 Have I ever mentioned that my friends have really cute kids?

(If you ever hire me, know that I will probably shout this at least two or three times.)

(happy people.)

(shout out to three of my besties for being so beautiful. also, for being in the same place at once. I love it.)

There was English country dancing!

God bless you guys as you live your life together on the farm. You two are a joy.
"Welcome to the farm,
Where you can roll your windows down.
Baby, take my arm,
Ain't hearing nothin' such a beautiful sound?"

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